Elect Mary-Pat Hector


Growing up my mom told me I didn't need permission to be great. I believed despite my age, gender, race or economic status that I could change the world. As early as nine years old I had begun to fight against issues crippling my community. My mom encouraged my efforts and gave me the nickname "Bumble Bee."                                   

Now, I know you are thinking, Why a Bumble bee? They are not particularly cute and can be dangerous. MY mom called me this because  Bumble bees in theory, should not fly. According to the principles of aerodynamics, the Bumble bee is to big, to be powered only by tiny wings. Therefore, they shouldn't leave the ground.

So how does the Bumble bee do it? Bumble bees beat their wings up to 200 times a second, faster so that their nerve impulses to their muscles can fire.

We should all live our lives like the Bumble bee. No matter where you come from. No matter what your family situation is. You to can be great like the Bumble bee.

If you want youth to be the best they can be you must encourage us as soon as we can speak to walk on our own and BEE great now.